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Rossella Rossi – Piela Auvinen
23 June – 7 July 2021
Villa Carlotta – Rossella Rossi

How water flows and, in a continuous water flowing, changes shape but remains, only in appearance, always the same in itself, so it is the artist’s inspiration. in the same way, the inspiration of the artist is free: he challenges all barriers and then finally collimates in a new work and creates a new message, a new opportunity to turn the artist’s vision to our interior. This year, two artists come together in a unique curatorial project that has its main pursuit in the aim to involve us within a totalizing the art works. On the walls we find the fluid and ethereal painting of Rossella Rossi, and, at the heart of the exhibition space, Piela Auvinen’s sculpture is ready to trigger its metamorphosis: from matter to the fluidity of water which, in white drops, slides from the ceiling and is crystallizing at our feet. It is a perfect synthesis between painting and sculpture, where the affinities between two apparently very different artists are revealed with new, unexpected strength. Two different artistic languages are meeting: two sensitivities that accord their expressive power and give us an exhibition of great emotional impact and great artistic quality.


New Art Order: Affinities e Food Cult