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La forma dell’acqua

Rossella Rossi’s Ligurian roots has made her wonder for a fluid world, where the water is the vital element.

Blu risonanze

The series of paintings “Blu risonanze” is the encounter of human bodies in the water, but in this case inside urban pools where they seem to become prisoners of an artificial context.


“Recontres” structured around an idea of fluidity where the human element integrates with nature, bodies cross and blend freely with water, in a dimension between dream and reality.

La memoria del bianco

The traces of foam that the waves leave on the shore of the sea have inspired the series of paintings “La memoria del bianco”

Oltre l’aria…oltre l’acqua…

“Oltre l’aria…oltre l’acqua…” (beyond the air…beyond the water…)


Pure, vivid colours and intense light dominate the “Paesaggi” series of paintings.